Land management tools for policy

To design landscape management strategies, 

  • To provide scientific guidance on threats and opportunities for natural and cultural values of Europe’s landscapes.
  • To define criteria for assisted restoration of ecosystems of former (abandoned) agricultural areas.
  • To generate future scenarios for cultural landscape change, with integrated landscape, cultural heritage and biodiversity models, to inform current planning initiatives, e.g. for the transition to a low-carbon society.

  1. What is the socio-economic value of landscape management? (ESR 11)
  2. Investigating the potential of natural resoration and rewilding in the European landscape (ESR 12)
  3. Defining a framework for Rewilding European landscapes in the Anthroposcene (ESR 13)
  4. managing trade-offs in agricultural landscape transitions: protecting cultural heritage versus rewilding (ESR 14)
  5. A long-term view of nature and culture in decision making (ESR 15)